I'm getting some silicone high-temp, high-pressure intake hose made up for my GTX LTD iS 255.

Its costing me a fair bit to get just 1 done, but if I get a few made up would any of you iS owners be interested in an intake hose?

The approx. price (depending on numbers) is about $250 USD.

Reason why its custom made is because of the rectangular section... Also a barb will be fitted for the crankcase ventilation hose.


-Deletes the silencer air box.
=Reduced weight
=less clutter in engine room
=More direct air flow
=More spool noise
=More RPM

And, best of all, once installed you can access the supercharger without having to remove the top deck (Excitement plus!!) lol

It fits up between the supercharger intake and the plastic intake that fits over the head. That big bastard of an airbox is gone!!!! and the silencer cone within it is gone!!!!

Its approx. 600mm long and is crush proof. It also won't collapse under extreme vacuum.

Not sure on colors... Any suggestions?

We'll go thru Jerry's store if anyone is keen... (Just keeping this preliminary thread open to check if anyone actually wants one!!)

If you need more info just discuss here or shoot me a pm....

It will suit an iS supercharged model (Won't fit the 2011 aS)