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    Just got 2010 FX SHO- Do I need to winterize it

    I was told at the dealer that it does not need to be winterized just add stabilizer to the gas and take out the battery and your good to go. I really would like to believe it I am just scared of breaking My new Waverunner. I will be storing it outside under a tarp.


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    there's winterization instruction in the How-to section of this site, it's always a good idea to fog the engine

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    "Do I need to winterize"

    Short answer: Yes!
    Long answer: Yes!!!!!!!!!!

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    Do you mean you just picked it up from the dealer and it has not been in the water?
    If no water has been ran through the ski then add gas stabilizer to the fuel and remove the battery and you will be fine.
    Also a nice coat of silicone spray over the engine doesnt hurt.

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    ride it all year round and you wont have a problem

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    I would fog if out of the water for any length of time.......whatever the time of year.

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