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    Wave Venture Overheating

    Chasing an overheating issue. The sensor checked good. Activated at 195 degrees. I took the exhaust tail pipe back off and separated the inner and outer portions, could not find any obstruction that might be causing it to overheat. One thing I noticed was that part # 48 was missing, (Seal, EXT.1 on the attached diagram). Anyone know what this seal does, and would it not being there cause it to run hot? The temp sensor is located in the general area and is in the only non-water jacketed area of the pipe.
    Also Seal, Rubber 1 (part #41) was missing, who ever put it back together last used hi-temp RTV. Also, when running on the hose, I'm getting go flow out of the pee hole. It only overheats when running at speed and goes into limp mode almost immediately. Help??
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