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    Team Racing at the Drags

    Is anyone interested in team racing at the drags?
    Any ideas or suggestions.
    Trying to figure ways to get more people involved.
    What about if there was $500 to the winning team?

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    fill me in stan..

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    Trying to create some interest in drag racing. So we need some rivalries like
    Black magic vs extreme propulsion
    Jet Draft Vs puertorican
    If each rider in the open class talked riders into signing up in the lower classes this would raise the # of entries double. We need more vintage and box stock riders to create some teams.
    This would bring more riders and create a team atmosphere.
    Points for finish in each class gives total overall.
    We need a sponsor to put up some $ to help make it interesting.
    Can you create a team? Riders in 7 classes?
    Any ideas, please share.

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    I would like to extend a invitation out to come and watch how PWC drag racing is with Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing series or any other local Association. We run 1/4 mile and dial in numbers, makes for allot of interesting racing. Money is slowly getting there but as yourself we need allot of guys to show. We run apx 20 PWC's at a race now and we have 25 second skis and 12 sec skis with everything in between. Phoenix is the World Finals November 4-7, 2010 and anyone can run.

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    I will be attending the Hydrodrags with a team from Puerto Rico. We are very much interested in team racing. See you at the Drags.

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