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    2004 fx HO water in oil!!!! Help

    Ok guys i just purchased this 2004 fx HO with 256hrs. The main issue i'm having is water in my oil. I checked compresion and I have 188, 178,190, 188. That looks good in my book. Now i have changed the oil twice or at least as much as i could get out of it. I basically take it out and dump new oil on it run it for a few minutes out of the hose, let it cool down and run again for a few minutes to effectively mix the old oil with new one to clean it little by little. Now i need to know how can i know if its a head gasket or some mystery O rings on the heads or something.... I'm at a loss and i refuse to take it to a "stealer".... Please help me out.

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    Are you sure its water? Oil will look milky. Are you making sure the engine is running BEFORE you turn on the water, and turn off the water BEFORE you turn off the engine. If not you may be pumping water into the system. It is also important not to have too much water pressure on the hose when you are doing this or the same thing can happen. You may be causing the problem running it on the hose.

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    i bought the ski with the milky may have been flipped before i got it or contaminated in some way by the previous owner...thats exactly what i am trying to figure out.

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    A couple pf points as follows:

    They are dry sump engines and its hard to get all the oil out when changing it as you have to suck it out of the oil tank. After the engine has stopped it will start to drain back in to the sump of the engine. Therefore, each time you swap the oil there is still a pint or two in the sump that you have not swapped out.

    If you check the compression you are only checking the seal in the combustion chambers. If there is water in the oil its beacuse there is a route between the Oil ways and the water ways/jacket which can be down to a gasket, a cracked block etc. both oil ways and the water jacket are pressurised when then engine is running

    The reason that people suspect the head gasket is if it has blown from the combustion chamber it can eat out the gasket seal between oil ways and water ways.

    The real test will be to preasure test the water system, which is not easy on a ski without a closed loop cooling system

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    so?? i'm screwed???

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    So is the oil getting less 'milky' after the two changes? If the ski was rolled or took on water for whatever reason, it may take more then two changes to get the oil clear if you are using an oil extractor. You will only remove half the oil at once, so after two changes you will probably not have got rid off all the water.

    If the oil is getting less milky after each change, then keep going with the oil can take quite a few sometimes!

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    WHOOO HHHOOOO!!!! allright guys i finally water tested it today on the beach.... after about 3 gallons of 10W40 advance auto parts oil and many oil changes i finally put 3 hours on the ski... after a good 2 hours of run time i pulled up the seat and checked the looks brand spanking new and no signs of water at all on the dipstick....if it was water accumulation over time then its officially gone guys......the ski runs awesome i gps'd it on the lake at 56mph bone stock on a half tank of gas. it runs sweet. one thing i did notice is cavitation and lots of it. any ideas where i should start looking? thanks for all your advices...

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