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    04 fx HO water in oil!!! Help

    2004 fx HO water in oil!!!! Help
    Ok guys i just purchased this 2004 fx HO with 256hrs. The main issue i'm having is water in my oil. I checked compresion and I have 188, 178,190, 188. That looks good in my book. Now i have changed the oil twice or at least as much as i could get out of it. I basically take it out and dump new oil on it run it for a few minutes out of the hose, let it cool down and run again for a few minutes to effectively mix the old oil with new one to clean it little by little. Now i need to know how can i know if its a head gasket or some mystery O rings on the heads or something.... I'm at a loss and i refuse to take it to a "stealer".... Please help me out.

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    maybe head gasket is blown ?? steadily dumping more water in everytime you hook it to the hose.

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    I hope is not the headgasket because i would have to change it and this is supposed to be my swap engine for my gpr. Anyways whats the best way to check if its a head gasket?

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    ideas? thoughts?

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    i also know that the Dry sump yamahas run a oil cooler that is built into the back or front of the oil tank. Could possibly have a leak in there, but with that one Cylinder at 178 psi i would take a shot a Head gasket. I suppose a leak down test would be appropiate. Normally when we get a engine in its really good compression on all of them and one will have no compression or a rod sticking through the side of the block cause he put oil in a 4 stroke that was safe for use in a Polaris watercraft.

    The water is comming from somewhere sooo was the spark plug wet at all on the cylinder that was lower than the rest of them of course it might take a few oil changes to get all that water out because that engine holds a total of 5 quarts if it is bone dry IIRC as the book says. A oil and filter change says it takes about 3 qts to make it right on the stick, so that means there is another 2 quarts somewhere in the engine. I cant remember where the water lines go in on the oil cooler though it should be pretty obvious cause all the oil that goes into that tank is passed through at the bottom right at the oil pump IIRC. So you should have a crank case vent off the top of the tank and any other lines should be water. Some one correct me if i am wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stang4u2nv View Post
    ideas? thoughts?
    Put the ski on the hose and run it until the oil is hot and the motor is close enough to normal operating temperature. You can even take it out on the lake for a good run. It really doesn't matter which!!

    When its at operating temperature, stop it and take the plugs out. If you have a blown head gasket you will find that one of the plugs will be cleaner than the other. The ceramic around the anode will be very clean and white.

    This is caused by water entering into the combustion chamber and vaporising under the heat and pressure. It acts like a "steam clean" inside the chamber and makes the plug look almost brand new!!

    This is the quickest way to tell if you have a blown head gasket.

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    Allright guys this sounds like a plan. I'll go today afternoon to the lake and take that bitch for a spin and as soon as i load it on the trailerxor right there on the dock i'll check the plugs. I have put the ski on the hose for over 10 minutes continuosly and i don't see any steamy exhaust output. I guess the best idea would be the lake and run it for like 1/2 hour and then go from there. What i'm also gonna do is purchase a copper line like the one used for racing gauges and stuff and straighten it out to see if i can suck as much contaminated oil as possible and change filter before hitting the lake.

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    How are you running it on the hose ? You arent suppose to turn the water on until after the engine is running and then turn the water off BEFORE you turn the engine off. It is very possible you are creating the problem over and over again.

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    no i know how to run it on the hose. start ski, wait 15-30 sec open hose, then shut off hose, run for a minute while blowing water out then shut off. i dont think my issue is running it on the hose....correct me if im wrong

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