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    Question How to care for your cover....

    Have an older cover that leaves colored dust on the ski, how does one best care for a cover??????
    Would waterproofing help?
    What is the best waterproofing ?
    I swear that I did see a post on this when I looked for something else earlier and now I CAN'T FIND IT ANYMORE!!!!

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    Colored dust? As in the fabric itself is breaking down?

    I would start with a washing machine, preferably a front loader type, or hand washing it in a big tub. After washing, if it is still shedding 'dust', then the fabric is dying.

    Somewhere I posted about using 303 High Tech Fabric Guard waterproofing spray. It works fairly well, but I don't know if it would help hold the fabric together on your cover to prevent it from shedding.

    Tip: Rinse and sun dry the cover really well before applying the 303 spray.

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    Thanks for you suggestion, I might try it. I GUESS IT IS THE FABRIC BREAKING DOWN, OR JUST THE COLOR IN FABRIC????? All the seams are still good and the cover looks good!

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