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    Thinking of replacing Ultra lx

    Any input on whether one year Ultra 250 or 260 would be a better choice? I know to stay away from the 07 but what about a leftover 08? could this possibly hav GIO issues also?
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Love my Ultra Lx but think I want to try the power of the 250 260 on my next one.

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    why not try the power of the 300x that is coming out next month? Otherwise stick with a leftover 2010 260x. They have improved little things over the years.

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    Thanks Red
    I bought an 09 ultra 260 today,was going to get the leftover 08 250 but heard of a few horror stories on that I figured I'd try my luck with the 09 260.
    Just peace of mind,I really don't believe I would have been dissapointed with the 08.
    Thanks for your input,cant wait to pick it up tomorrow.Only thing I'm a bit concerned with now is my long range runs that I do,,extra gas strapped to the back?
    See ya.Steve

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    Keep an eye on your pump bearings. Someone correct me if i'm wrong but they were updated in 2010 models.

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    Yes I believe you are right ,updated in 2010 model.Are they really that prone to failure without the 2010 upgrade?? My LX has 225 hours and no problems,granted a lot less power and torque going thru it.

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