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    Question 2005 Sportster Electrical Problem...Just get one "beep of death"

    Friend of mine has a 2005 155hp Sportster. Put lanyard on and guages activate and light up then go out. Then shortly after that one long beep and then nothing. All accessories (Blower, bilge, radio and running lights work) You can jump start solenoid and engine turns over just fine. Local dealer hooked up with BUDS and could not get any info from the MPEM. They said it was probably dead. Checked all the fuses in it and all were good. Is this the right place to start before he spends 250.00 for a new one? Looking for some suggestions since electrical items are non-returnable.

    Thanks in advance guys,
    Mark- GigHarbor PWC

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    Had one here last week, same problem. Int cutting out for a while, then the bllep of death.

    swapped the ecu to a good boat, along with key of course, and the same beep.....

    ECU time!

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    Hey thanks for the reply from down under! Have always wanted to visit Australia. I had a native Australian guy work for me for about 5 years before he put a sailboat together and sailed back home. Great guy. Since I had no response to my question I searched elsewhere. I solved the problem last year by swapping out the ECU. Expensive fix but boat runs fine now.

    Thanks again- [email protected]

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