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    00' slh intermittent firing. Bad coil??

    Hi, i have a 2000 slh 700. First started out with no spark. Stator checked out bad. Put in a new oem one. Now intermittent firing. Lanyard/switch checks out good. Actually cranked and ran for about 15 minutes today fine. Shut off and cranked up several times fine. Let sit for 30 minutes, no spark. When checking for a signal from the cdi to the coil on the blk/wht wires, i get voltage signal. Bad coil? Thanks for any help.

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    Ohm check the coil, primary and secondary.

    Ohm values can be found through my signature links.

    Note: You have a Gen III ignition, with a single coil. BOTH spark plugs must be grounded to the engine to provide spark on either. Both plugs are fired together, every time.

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    checked coil in box. unplugged. checked primary 45.8. spark plug cap to cap, no reading. removed coil, now reading 2.8 primary but flukuates badly 2.1-3.5. earlier today reading in the 8's. secondary reading 2900 +/-. i guess this indicates a bad coil, just dont see many coils go bad.

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