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    750 sxi or SUPERJET

    been riding a 440 for a few years, but it leaves a lot to be desired, i like freestyle, and want the lightest most torqey ski, which is it? superjet or 750 sxi

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    I have a 98 SXi Pro and just acquired a 98 Superjet, the superjet is noticeably lighter and imo more fun. Typically it's superjet for freeride/ freestyle (lighter, smaller) and SXi for racing(wider, more stable, better in rough stuff). In it's defense though the SXi hull has been reinforced to be a freeride surf ski so it gained a little weight there but I'm not sure how much. My skis aren't the two best to compare either because my SXi has many aftermarket parts (lowered pole bracket, -2" AC racing pole, straight bars, footholds, Ocean Pro ride plate, and some kind of intake grate, mystery impeller...) a Coffman's pipe on it but it's over propped so it's like a rocket but doesn't have that instant bottom end punch. That being said my bone stock superjet needs some more low end nutt and handling mods. You can freestyle either of them fairly well but that's where the superjet really shines. Also keep in mind if you're planning on modding that more parts are made for the superjet than for the SXi or SXR and engine parts are more abundant which means cheaper. I'd say the superjet's the way to go man but that's my opinion

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    Thanks bro- just picked up a 95 750 sxi, for a grand, shes a little rough, and i havnt ridden her yet. after some foot holds, and a paint/turf job, she'll be set.
    I cant find a superjet for less than 3,000 that i liked, but i guess if i start with a heavy one, a superjet will be that much more fun when i do get one. And I DO plan on getting one, someday...

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