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    R&D cam gears on 09 yamaha sho

    Has anybody ever encountered a problem after installing r&d's cam gears (intake and exhaust). I installed both several times even went back to stock and i cant get the ski to rev over 5000 rpms. I removed the cam sensor check input voltage and output voltage and everything is where it is suppose to be, the bike runs the same with cam sensor connected or disconnected. what could it be?????

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    You might incorrectly install,make sure at TOP DEAD at cylinder 1,and read manual carefully ^^

    R&D Cam Gear not for newbies ,should be taken install by professional alike .

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    99% likely your timing is off.

    It is best to do one cam at a time to help prevent this.

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    There are a couple threads in which I posted info about the cam gear installation. Can you take some GOOD PICS of what the cams look like at TDC on cylinder #1 and post them? I need to be able to see how the cam dots align to the corresponding cam tower tic marks. If this doesn't make any sense to you let me know and I will try and clarify.

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