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    garage floor tiles

    I've been wanting to rework the floor of my shop since I opened ( it was an office building at one time and there was carpet glued right ot the concrete and I wasn't up to a scrape or shotblast-a-thon to do an epoxy floor. As it is the remands of hte carpet glue make the concrete slip-proof..even when there is some oil or water on the floor. It just looks like heck.

    Plastic garage floor tiles have come down in price quite a bit..I can do it now for about $2 a square foot....anybody using one of these anywhere?

    here's one of the vendors...

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    My concern with the square tile flooring systems (compared to the roll sheet materials) is oil and other fluids getting down between the tile joints, then weeping up over time. And possibly degrading the adhesive bond holding the tiles down.

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    no adhesive used!

    these are interlocking plastic adhesive is used..they can be removed for cleaning, replacement and when you get tired of the color.

    I also looked at roll out sheeting, but as soon as I screw it up with "something" I can;t just replace the broken tile..the entire sheet has to be replaced.

    when it comes down to it..I really don't get much in the way of petrol products on the floor. I apprenticed ( back in the day of the honda 350 air cooled twin) under an old school italian guy..and while he treated me like a child..most of the lessons I learned stuck with me in life. One of the most important ( I'll apologize up front for this ladies) was that cleaning floors was not man's work and it was our job to be sure not to spill anything on the shop floor. If we did..the entire shop got mucked out and cleaned at the end of the day.

    Our shop had showroom floors and he was really really particular about it.

    I keep a good supply of cardboard around and always lay it down under any suspect work to avoid spillage

    While I'd love an expoxy sealed floor with's just not happening unless I build a new shop building. One of my buddies stained his brand new concrete floor and then sealed with with clear and boy it just looks great and cleans easily ( he's not a neatnick like me however)

    I like the tiles for a few reasons..notwithstanding you can make a great looking color pattern with them.

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