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    SHO Motor Typical Clutch Life ?

    Ok guys I know this topic has been flogged to death, but we donít have one thread that gets straight to the point and can be use as a little guide. While we know there are many variables that we will have to take into account, Iím sure that we can come up with some average hrs. If we get enough good feedback we can probably make a sticky out of this, but Iíll leave that to the admin guys. *NOTE !* ď This is for the Gen 1 clutch with a BOV installed not the 2011 Clutch, later on we can do it for the 2011 clutchĒ
    Ok letís do it like this.
    1) Whatís the average clutch life in hours for the Stock wheel and C1 wheel ?
    2) Whatís the average clutch life in hours for the low boost wheels e.g. B1, C3, ET SS ?
    3) Whatís the average clutch life in hours for the High Boost Wheels e.g. E1, C5, ET Extreme ?
    4) Whatís the average clutch life in hours for the Race Boost wheels e.g. H1, C20, ET Race ?

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    i have a c1 and stock ecu all the usual mods i have 120 hours plus on my ski never had any clutch issues so far and i do ride it hard all the time....

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    My ski has had BOV on since 15 hours when still stock. I have 94 hours on it now and have been using B1 and stock ecu for 60 hours with no clutch problems. R2 reflash going on tommorrow so future predictions on clutch life are TBD.

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    i had the stock wheel,i.c. and ecu until 40 hours.
    then i upgraded to the c3 wheel, j.d. i.c., r2 reprogramming. the clutch blew at 65 hours.
    i was unable to get the 2011 clutch, so i have the oem clutch, and hoping it will last thru next year. by then we will see how well the 2011 clutch holds up. i will be changing the ecu to the r3 reprogramming this winter.....

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    E1 wheel, over 160 hours, Motec ECU, etc... No clutch issues.

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    Installed BOV around 10 hours or so and a C3-11 shortly after that. R2 installed around 32 hours. Clutch blew at 45 hours.

    On a pre-2011 now.

    However, I rode it like an idiot a lot in those first 45 hours. I think throttle control and common sense will help extend the life. Kinda like I learned on my sled (it's getting cold)--first drive belt lasted 150 miles ($150). Second one lasted 1,000 miles. Only thing I changed was I didn't drive it like a jackass. Learned a bit of throttle control.

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    run fine, 60hr+ E1 +ViPec +BOV,no issue yet,

    hard WOT ,hook-unhook so often.

    15psi+ guaranteed from ViPec log.

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    This should definitely be a sticky IMO.

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    20hours stock, 40 hours stage 1 mods + hks bov. No problems and no movement in the clutch, Mostly ocean riding.

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    This thread is coming a long nicely i have 70hrs with BOV stock wheel, no problems so far

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