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    New to the site

    Hello all,
    My name is John, I have very little experience when it comes to jetski's (rode my brothers 750 3 seater a few times back in the mid 90's), but have been riding motorcycles, atv's, and snowmobiles for around the last 20-24 years. I found the site looking for information on 1997 GP1200's since I found one I should be picking up tomorrow morning for what I believe is a decent price ($1900 with trailer). The ski is stock as far as I know, fuel and oil guages supposedly quit working, but I'll figure those out soon enough. I believe it has 140-150 total hours on it, starts very easily, and it has a 1 month old battery, and a storage cover. I look forward to learning everything I can about this machine, From what I have read so far in the 97 page "98 GP1200 triple done... " thread I read last night (took me 7 hours lol), there is a lot of great knowledge here for me to draw from should problems or questions arise. I should be riding around Lake Wiley in SC most of the time, but I also will be riding as often as possible with friends that live down in Crystal River, FL (heading there this weekend actually to ride bikes Sat and ski's Sun). So far this site seems like a good place for me to call home, when I'm not on the bike sites.

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    Welcome to the Hulk! Great place for info from very knowledgable people.

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    I would go through the carbs and make sure the check valves are not creased etc.If need be rebuild them with new carb kits (Yamaha).
    I would do a comp check as well.
    Welcome to GH.

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    I'll have time to go through the carbs and other stuff starting next week. Sunday should be a good day for a shakedown run just to see where it stands initially, then I can start sorting out any problems that come to light.

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    Welcome aboard! Literally...

    You've definitely found a good home. Just keep asking questions and reading a lot! Wealth of knowledge.

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    Welcome John

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