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Thread: Gel Coat repair

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    Gel Coat repair

    New to the forum. Excellent info I've utilized already. Have a pair of 2004 GP1300R's and need to do some gel coat repair. Any tips other than what I read on the directions. Says to deepen the gouges with a screw driver or other object. Makes me a little nervous. Any DIY's on the repair process anywhere?

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    I'm not a professional painter but have done tons of gelcoat repairs big and small. I would reccomend first blue painters taping off anything around the damaged area so you only expose the area your gonna work on,this saves a lot of clean up.If your scratch is really deep you might need to fiberglassit first,but lets assume its not for now.You'll need to sand or scratch up the gouge 80 or 100 grit then clean with acetone.mix up your gelcoat color match can be kinda tough so if you can buy some factory color its worth it,then with a small brush fill in the scrtch a bit higher than needed.let dry and then wet sand it with progressively finer paper.i leave the tape on for the first part of sanding to eliminate scratching surrounding areas sometimes.your final sanding remove tape and finish until its nice and level,being careful not to sand thru.then buff and wax.sounds more complicated than it is.if you mess it up,re apply and do it again .you'll get the hang of it.Let me know if my explanation was confusing,and I'll try and walk you thru it.and also if your scratch needs fiberglassing.
    Good luck.Steve

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    Your hull is painted not gel-coat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbtd View Post
    Your hull is painted not gel-coat.
    To clarify. So all GPR hull are painted? not gel coated. Good to know because mines will need to be service soon

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    I too am a new owner of a 2004 gp1300r in show room condition except for an area on the hull where the paint has come off. I noticed it is a very thin layer of paint. What is under the paint? How can I repaint this area? I too thought it was gelcoat but as per this thread and my looking at it is definitely paint.

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    Now I am confused more than before. I looked at the kit. My hull is white so it looks looks I need to just mix the white gelcoat with the hardener, apply to the gouge, even best as possible, let dry and then sand with increasing grits till mirror smooth. Where does the paint come in? it looks like a lot of waverunners and boats all have white hulls and are gelcoat on the surface.

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    use marine tex......... take a dremel tool and small grinding bit on it and v cut the gouge that way you don't have any sharp edges also it will let you put more of the marine tex in the hole and that will help with the bonding. if you wait a little and let the marine tex harden up some before trying to apply it to the hull it will almost be like puddy and easy to work with. It is sandable and paintable, it worked really well where I had to use it. Pick it up off ebay its a little cheaper. Also a little tip if you wait till it is almost set up (about 45min.) and then wet a razor blade and glide it over the top of the marine tex it will make for a really nice smooth finish.

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    This may sound a little "backyard", but Rustoleum Gloss White is just about a perfect match to the factory white color. I've made repairs of deep gouges and chips with body puddy and Rustoleum to GP12 and 1300R's and you couldn't tell a repair was made.

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    I luv this product for working under the hull since its thick and sets up quick....its proven itself for deep gouges and chips all summer...I highly recommend it..Name:  fix.jpg
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    ...and yes your hull is painted...

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