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    Question 2000 Seadoo Xp Starting troubles, No beep when lanyard connected

    Hi there I have a 2000 Xp
    Have moved from New Zealand to Perth Australia

    At NZ Nationals I rode on the first day winning every race took it home flushed it out etc and it just died! Checked fuses had blown fuses for some unknown reason. Replaced them away it went again!
    On the Sunday 1st race it had no performance at all was very slow! Ended up back on the trailer, raced a rxp instead!

    Any how have moved to perth and decided to try get the ski going again hasn't gone for 18mths I have got it turning over but there is NO SPARK or NO BEEPING when connecting lanyard!!
    I don't have my usual buddies to help me out any more so trying to see if anyone else has had the same problem???

    Any help will be muchly appreciated


    Thanks Matt

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    Id almost bet money on the beeper is stuffed. Search broken buzzer ect and have a read

    Sorry I cant help with your ignition issue

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