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Thread: Ski is finshed

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    Ski is finshed

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ID:	216039Got ski back today and im very happy with the way it looks but the motor is not real happy i keep sezing the rear cylinder
    I have checked the pluse line and my comp is 110 all over.
    My carbs are
    110 pilots 1 out
    120 main 1.5 out
    1.5 n/s 45 psi pop off
    95 return restrictor
    I have think i have a carb proublem but have pulled them down three times checking this but they look ok beside that the low speed jet is frozen in
    Got a [email protected] controler with yam 84 curve
    Head has been cut
    First time ski went realy well for 1 klm until it seazed findig i left the 95 return out
    Put the 95 return in rebuilt rear cyclinder not has no power and did a plug check and front two look good rear look like the day i put it in?
    Could any one please help with this drama i keep on having

    Im thinking of changing set up to efi but looks fairly hard to do

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    Did you pressure test the motor? an air leak will kill you. #1 and #3 cylinder problems can be caused from a bad crank seal.

    The fact your low needle is stuck on your carb is not a real issue as it should be fat with the upgraded jetting, factory setting is 1-3/8 out on #3 low.

    I am assuming since you have a return restrictor, that the return orfices are drilled out in the carb bodies?

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    Just as Oside said, pressure test the motor. You can buy the kit off Lowell (on here) for I think $150 and it works great! Best purchase I have made so far. Had a similar issue and my rear crank seal would not hold more then 5 psi so no bueno. Ski look killer though!

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    the lowel kits only about 100 after shipping. i think its 90. i have one and it does great

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    Yes bill carbs are drilled out I will buy a pressure kit today

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    Thanks took all winter just starting to warm up and after rebuilding the hole motor I just want to hit the water

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    Are you ported?

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    yes all three cyclinder where done buy me realy is just a clean up
    But not the rear cyclinder is stock until i get the thing running right i know i have done things kind of backwards.

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    Are you saying you have 2 ported cyls and one that is not?

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    Yes but only A minor clean up

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