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    World Finals 2010 -Director Reminders for the track and racer

    Hello Race Fans!

    Travel safely to Lake Havasu from whever you are departing. We wish you Godspeed. Already our K38 staff has arrived from Italy and Portugal.

    We look forward to working on your behalf again this year.

    Remember to hold your line, manage the horsepower you have asked for, focus on your race, be on time, and show good sportsmanlike behavior.

    My staff and I will not tolerate any disrespect to our officials. We will issue immediate fines, dismissal and removal from the race site.

    Zero Tolerance Is In Effect. Have understanding what this means.

    I understand firsthand the emotions, investment, hopes, dreams and the dissapointments we all experience. You are not alone.

    This is however, called 'racing'. It requires many people to come together for one ultimate positive result for one team, first place.

    There will be one happy team and many unhappy teams who do not strike first place. Remember who you are.

    There will be hard times. It is your responsibility to bear them with dignity, that bearing fitting of a Champion whether on the podium or not.

    We on our K38 staff give our all, we expect the same from you and yours. You are in one race, we are in every single race, we know what 'going the distance means', we understand the discouragement when your race boat breaks, you take a hit or you cause a hit,. If you haven't figured it out by now, let me help you: Racing isn't fair.

    Why? Because life isn't fair, it mimics life on an accelerated momentum. But there will be another race. Your perfect race, if not now.

    The World Finals is what we all make it, bring your respect and your maturity, it is the least we can do in service of supporting this amazing powersport!

    See you all beginning tomorrow. . Come with the proper mindset. Enjoy the 2010 IJSBA quakysense World Finals. Take something for your spirit, tune your character and build the community with a positive attitude. I expect nothing less from the 30 nations in attendance.

    Shawn Alladio
    IJSBA Water Safety Director

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    No nonsense. I love this woman. Hooya for K-38!


    TAD Racing

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