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    problems already...

    im already having problems with the rxtx took it out today for one last ride before i winterize it and sure enough the maintenance required light comes on again.. The first time was because of the 10 hour inspection and they cleared that off around 7 hours.. just today i rolled 16hrs over and the light came on and everytime i start it "MAINTENANCE REQUIRED" scrolls across the screen... the reason i bought new was so i wouldnt have problems all the time seems im still at the same spot

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    Did you bring it to the same dealer that told you to break it in with the learner key? Find another dealer.

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    something wasn't reset right when he used BUDS. The light shouldn't have come on at 7 hrs, which means the dealer didn't do the initial reset he is supposed to do.

    I know you don't have many choices of dealers out there. Isn't the dealer at Deep Creek still around? Try him, because the one you are using has no clue, or is not doing what he is supposed to.

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    yea im not going back to him.. and the one in deep creek is still around so ill be going there... and the light went off for 2 or 3 hrs after i got it back. Does the warrenty cover this work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahartsell View Post
    Does the warrenty cover this work?
    Nope. Owners gotta pay for service work, like the oil/filter at 10 hrs. Now if you go to the dealer and ask him why the maintaince light came back on, he "might" put it on BUDS and reset it for you, along with checking for any issues and updates and not charge you. This is where having a dealer with a bad service dept hurts. My dealer backs his stuff up 100%. What you have would cost me nothing to scan.

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