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    Starter Motor Issues

    Hi All,

    My starter motor has recently started playing up at times. What it does is you hit the starter some times it starts it fine others it turns engine over a little bit then free spins/dissengages, other times it makes a clunk sort of sound then nothing.

    Can some one please run me through some things to do / check?

    I had a COMPLETE rebuild done in February this year, which included new starter motor and bendix according to the mechanic/receipts. Since then I would have done no more than 20 hours on the ski and I'd like to say its very well looked after.

    Any help well appreciated.



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    Check your ground since your starter has been rebuilt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seadoobutch787 View Post
    Check your ground since your starter has been rebuilt.
    The starter is a brand new unit? where is the ground for the starter

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidafa View Post
    The starter is a brand new unit? where is the ground for the starter

    You can check the ground cable by simply using a set of jumper cables. attach to the ground on the battery and the other end to the block. Then try to crank it over. If your symptom doesn't go away then it's something else.

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    For those that are interested, I spoke to my mechanic today and the new starter <30hours had stripped a tooth.

    So he's replacing starter and bendix again.

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