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    Angry 96 Venture 1100 - Driving me C-R-A-Z-Y

    This jetski is going to drive me to drinking.
    Here’s what I have done to this point.

    1 Ski was running rough on the trailer, making a popping sound.
    2 Removed all plugs (looked OK).
    3 Checked compression (fully charged battery and with WOT)
    4 Compression low but present in all cylinders.

    5 Hooked up spark detector to first plug wire (left plugs out and plug wires hanging outside engine compartment)

    6 No spark – aha – but wait, I checked the middle plug wire, NO SPARK.
    7 I checked the last wire – NO SPARK on anything.

    What's going on !! All I did was a compression check. How could that have knocked out all the fire?

    8 Had a COMPLETE spare electrical system from running ski so I put it on my Venture – NO SPARK

    9 Disconnected black&white connector - NO SPARK

    I have access to another complete electrical system for this ski that I can try, but I don’t want to go through this for the third time if possible.

    PLEASE – someone give me some logical advice.

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    What is Low Compresion?
    Hook up the other two plug wires while doing the spark check and see if this makes any difference.
    Check for any lose or broken ground wires.
    couple other things to look at for no spark

    (1) From looking at the wiring diagram, if you disconnect the B/W wire it takes the stop switch out of the equation, but the thermo switch is still connected and inline if this is bad it will not start. Check continuity across the Pink and Black wire if it has continuity it is bad it should show open until it reaches 92C

    (2) Check the charge coil , do a resistance check across the blk/rd wire to the brown wire should read 172-258 ohms, then check the blue wire to the blk/rd wire it should read 356-984 ohms.

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    A friend of mine had about the same problem with his 96 venture 1100 and it was the thermo switch

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