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    Testing GP1200 Multifunction Meter - Can't find Blue connector?

    So my display meter acts funky as heck. When I originally got the machine running it didn't work - only had a steady warning light on. When I didn't run it for a month, I put the battery back in and it magically started working. I painted it over the past two weeks, and now I'm back to the only readout being the ability to enter a lock code. I realize I don't really need the gauges, but I know they work, and I would like to give my girlfriend piece of mind on the fuel level - as well as any miniscule resale value.

    Anyway, I have the service manual, and to run a diagnostic I have to disconnect the blue single pin connector. Problem is, I can't find it, and seem to have a blue wire not connected to anything in my harness?

    (For what it's worth, someone on pwc forum said his meter only works will a full battery. Mine is at about 50% right now and on the charger...although it had plenty of juice to crank the engine)

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    It's the blue plug single wire one in your hand. Whomever said it only works with a full battery is clueless..


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    I figured they were, but I'm still confused. Does the blue wire I am holding (b/r and b/blk) plug into anything? I've had the display working without it, and from the wiring diagram in the service manual it looks like it is for the buzzer?

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    My blue wire is used to reset the code,so it probably needs to be plugged up for your gauge to work right,mine is a 97 gp 1200,probably the same wiring,you must have the other end of that plug in there somewhere.Depending on your year it could be different but 97-99 should be the same.what year?oops never mind ,i was thinking about the blue connector,i see the plug you are referring to,if i get a chance i will look at mine to see where that plug goes.

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