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    Unhappy 2000 GSX RFI missing during operation?

    I have a 2000 GSX RFI that seems to idle ok, but once I get it up on plane it sounds like it is missing?! I am clueless as I've never owned a sea doo before. I do know that there is a broken nipple coming out of the RAVE valve & there is a vaccum line that should be plugged into it, that is not. Curious to know if this could be my issue? I was told that is would only cause me to loose a few MPH, but it should still run ok. Please help!!

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    Does anyone have any knowledge of this oportunity that I'm having? I would like to get it going as soon as I can without taking it to a mechanic. They will try to take my arms & legs as payment! I do have knowledge of engines, just not sea doo engines. Please, someone let me know what I can try, anything helps!

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    You have posted this issue in the wrong area.

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