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    What would happen if these washers where left out?

    These washers WHERE NOT in my GPR when I took it apart!

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    what you have pointed out are not washers they are clips/snap rings that hold in the wrist pin...
    what would happen, the wrist pin can slide to the end of the piston and rub the cylinder wall

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    The arrows indicate the c-clips that hold the pin in place. It will result in catastrophic failure.

    If your talking about the shims (23) then it depends on what piston was used.

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    ok, picture corrected: those are thrust washers... they take up the slack/space between the connecting rod and the piston where the wrist pin slides thru. prevents the wrist pin bearing from walking in the connecting rod, controls movement, acts like a bearing in a way between the 2 reciprocating parts. left out, it`s possible that it could wear down the wrist pin bearing...

    Duke> I have read where the thrust washers are used with Pro X pistons...

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    theres still allot of slack in the stuff with those washers. wfo told me they werent that important, and that most pistons didnt come with them. my pro x pistons didnt come with them. id say if you using oem pistons use them if you use pro x dont worry about it, and if its some other piston try to use them for good measure. they have an orientation too.

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    I recommend using the washers with oem and pro-x, but some other cheaper piston manufacturers say dont use them. A few of the old school racers dont use them.

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    I put a motor together and forgot to put those back in... nothing happend to my motor.

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    Thanks guys....

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    Mine were left out and the work was performed by the Yamaha dealership a long time ago when it was still under warranty. Last month my middle cyl failed and i did the work myself and noticed it had been left out, so I guess its alright to leave it out

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    What about if one of these washers is missing?

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