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Thread: 96 gtx sea doo

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    96 gtx sea doo

    I purchased a 96 Sea doo GTX. I have taken it out a couple of times and both times when I get out it starts to slow down after a quick ride. When I pull the spark plugs there is a bunch on gunk on the spark plugs. I have been racing motorcycle's and car's for over 20 years and have never seen anything like this. What is the average top speed for this ski supposed to be? Any ideas will help...

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    I have all ready drained the tank and the oil. It stays running and idles great.

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    I had a 96 gtx that came in doing exact same thing,it was leaking oil from rotary valve sealing surface and or crankshaft center seals allowing lots of excess oil in to the crankcase and allowing it to foul plugs,if you look at the breakdown of the engine you'll see where oil can get into crankcase.You didnt say if gunk was from oily fouled plugs or from aluminum from pistons,I assumed oily since you seem to be knowledgeable with engines.The seadoo is a rotary valve type that gets rotary shaft lube from direct oil supply to center of crankcase.The plugs could also be fouled from balance shaft bearings going dry and causing excess drag on engine,fouling plugs and causing ski to run good first 5 minutes or less then getting hot and dragging engine down causing plug failure,I mentioned these 2 out of normal(like oil pump,stuck needle etc.)as they are 2 things that I have run across about once a year out of every say 50 seadoos,hope this helps,Marvin ps if you let it sit a couple days does it blow oil mist out spark plug holes when cranking it over.>Marvin

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    Some oily mist will blow out of the spark plug holes not a lot. No it is an oily substance. No metal shavings. It is not your tipicle fouled plug. It will build up with this stuff in 1/2 hour of ride time. How hard is it to get to the rotary valve that you mentioned. Thanks for your help.. paul

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	216456Here is what the plugs look like after about 1 hour. Theses plugs where brand new. thanks...paul

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    Any Help please

    Any help would be appreciated. I'm not sure what this is. thank you...Paul

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    for starters have you replaced the fuel lines and rebuilt the carbs, inspected the fuel selector?

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    It has black fuel lines. from what I understand the gray ones are the ones that break down on the inside. Checked the fuel selector it was clean. I need to pull the carbs off and go through them. I just don't think that it's in the carbs cause it wouldn't idle smooth as it does i don't think. The jets would probably get clogged. But I do need to check them.... paul

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