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    Winterizing SHO Help

    I have read a few different winterizing methods and was wondering if there was one thread that can sum it all up. if someone has a link that would be great.

    One question i have is when winterizing a SHO do you spray the fogging oil thru the breather with the engine running or not running? some threads say running while others say it will damage the SC wheel so do it while the engine is off.

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    Service manual --> Fog for 5 seconds through the breather hose with the engine running. The rpms may drop when fogging.

    Basically you want to change the plugs, oil, oil filter, lubricate inter. housing, add Sta-Bil to the gas. I recommend spraying the engine down with fluid film to prevent any corrosion.
    All of this is covered in the service manual (and some in the owners manual). You can download the service manual in the FX SHO library.

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