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Thread: New Tow vehicle

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    New Tow vehicle

    Hey, just picked up a little something for a tow vehicle. I think she will get me to the ramp in a hurry.

    2006 Charger SRT8 will all the toys.

    Dang she is a blast to drive (still learning, its so new but its blazing fast, handles like a dream).
    Another reason to spend more time waxing cars in the garage!

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    Thats a nice car, i love them in black. Congradulations

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    Nice ride...

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    Sweet! A guy down the road just got a black one.... I like that silver better though. I just bought the ol lady a navigator but had looked at the same car b/f buying. I have a son about to add to insurance and that car would have whipped my arse with a 16 yr old kid on the policy so we declined the buy

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    sweet ride. Is the tail lightarea blacked out like I've seen on the arange and black ones?

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