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    What diferent between Riva Pro series Water Box 08 and stock water box

    I am a Rxp-x rider.I will replace my stock waterbox with riva Pro series water box-08 with Rude 2 superchargers.i wish to know the result of this installation.any one can share it.

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    Hard to quite understand.... but the difference between rivas water box and the stock are: rivas requires you run the exhaust out the back meaning you'll have to cut a hole and i noticed you had the intercooler upgrade so your good to go. Its also shorter allowing removal of the charger w.o. having to move the exhaust like the stock box. Oh and did i mention it sounds better!!!!

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    Sound and a cleaner engine compartment are the biggest things you notice.

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    No performance gain for me but great sound and easier to get SC out.

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    Sounds Bad A**

    Check out my video of it.

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    THANKS ALL.Sound look more powerful and fierce than stock box.

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