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    my XL800 powervalves are stuck and can not close on cleaning cycle.

    So I have a 2000 xl800. I was riding at crusing speed when the ski surged and went down halfway but still on plane.. I blipped the throttle and it wouldnt do anything. I hit a wave and the ski took off. It did this on and off all the way back to the ramp. I took it home and flushed it and noticed when I shut it off the powervalves cycled forward but you could tell it was TRYING to cycle back but it could not (it tried 3 times to cycle but just made a little noise). I can tell that they are stuck but what do I do to remove and check this out to see whats getting stuck. Also noticed some black stuff under the PV motor near the exhaust.

    Engine was rebuilt 5 hours ago, carbs were also done.

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    Sounds like you might have too much carbon build up on the exhaust valves. Take them apart and clean both of them and make sure they are adjusted correctly when you put everything back together. I wouldn't keep trying to run it with stuck exhaust valves or you could fry your exhaust valve motor.

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    Ok I will take them out. I just rebuilt the engine and there is lots of black greasy stuff down by the exhaust. I think its leaking from the gasket.

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    Are you running pre-mix? What kind of oil are you running?

    I noticed a lot of build up on mine, new motor 15 hours ago. This was after removing the top end, though. If you're getting it outside the engine you need to replace the nearest gasket. If it's under the exhaust manifold it's probably the manifold gasket (to the jugs). You shouldn't be seeing this outside the engine.

    I'm running pre-mix, and i'm thinking part of the problem is that it's oil-rich at idle (with oil injection, there is hardly any oil in the gas at idle, but lots at WOT, when we pre-mix we over oil it at low RPMs a lot). I'm running Amsoil Dominator so I'm not sure if there's an oil out there that will reduce this problem.

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    Yes Im running 32:1 premix. There was alot of smoke coming out exhaust on my last run. I ran it a little rich for the break in... Using valvoline tc-w3 oil. I did the top end so it looks like I'll be removing the stinger and exhaust and resealing those gaskets and replacing any if ripped or anything. Not sure if these 2 problems are related

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    32:1 is too rich. I'm running 40:1, which seems to be the consensus here, but I think that might even be on the rich side. Also, don't run regular outboard oil, run Yamalube or Amsoil.

    Replace the gaskets whereve you're seeing the leaking. This is critical on the gaskets at the exhaust manifold, as water can back up into the engine if they are leaking.

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    manual says for powervalve 800's its 32:1 - all other yamaha 2 strokes its 40:1

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