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    Engine Missing During Operation

    I have a 2000 GSX RFI. When I start it up, it seems to idle ok, but when I get it up on plane, it sounds & feels like it's missing. I do know there is a vaccum line that goes to one of the RAVE valves that is broken, but I was told that this would only cause me to loose a few MPH & that it should still run fine. Any information would be helpful, I'm confused with the whole thing. I'm not too familiar with Sea-Doo engines.

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    I'm no jetski mechanic, but for what it's worth, after flooding the ski out twice, mine had a high end misfire, you'd just feel a slight jerk once in a while.... Then electrical problems followed, all leading to the stator.

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    Well, I read the owners manual & looked through the trouble shooting section. There was a section about misfire/rough running. It only had 2 causes for my particular model (GSX RFI), 1 being spark plugs fouled out & the 2nd being too much oil to engine. I went out & bought new plugs & adjusted the oil injection pump so that there isn't so much oil going in at one time. I am going to try it out this weekend to see if there is any improvements. If none of this seems to have worked, I will try checking the things you listed. Just to be curious, how hard is it to change a stator on one of these things??

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    I'm getting ready to do it, so i'll let you know... There's not much in the way though. I think the worst part will be once I get the cover off, I'll have to use a mirror to see from there... Your problem is probably one of those 2 things though, there were incidents that lead up to mine failing.

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