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    Draining gas out of a 2001 GTI Seadoo

    I am getting ready to store my ski for the winter and realize the gas in the tank is about 9 mths old with pre-existing stabilizer from the prior season. Any helpful tips on how to properly syphon gas out of the 15 gal tank would be appreciated. I used a hand pump sold at Auto Zone with little success (It started seeping gas out of the seals and I was a foire hazard about 5 mins in). I tried the old fashioned method and I am not interested in drinking fuel any longer. Someone mentioned a "jerk tube" to me but I am not sure if that would work, as the last time I syphoned gas from the ski I had a heck of a time just trying to get the hose past some sort of blocker about a foot past the gas inlet.


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    Just go get you an aftermarket external fuel pump and hook it up to a 12v power supply.

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    We use a shop vacuum .. Suck it with the vac and get it started and then put in the can

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