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    Older GTX v. Older STX, which would you buy?

    This is my first post, awesome site. I already have a new STX15f (please don't hate me because I have a Kawi) and am going to get a second ski. The flexibility of a three-seater is a must, but something that is close to as fast as my STX and maybe a bit lighter and a little more playful in the waves would be nice. I ride almost exclusively in salt water and the rivers leading to it in often-bumpy conditions (three-four foot rollers/chop etc.) and regularly have my wife and son with me (who sometimes get dropped off at the beach so I can play in the chop). The ski needs to be reliable and reasonably fuel efficient and if it's not the fastest ski on the water theat's OK, but it has to come close to keeping up with the newer STX. I want to spend under $2,000, so I've narrowed it down to a few skis: 1996-97 GTX with the rave 787, 98-99 GTX Limited, 98-99 Kawasaki STX1100, and maybe a STX 900. It's mostly down to the 96-97 GTX v. the STX1100, as the other two seem to either eat too much gas and are somewhat unreliable (GtX Limited) or too slow (STX900). So...what are the positives and negatives on these two ski and things I should look for in used boats? The older GtX and the STX1100 seem to be fairly reliable, fuel efficient, and easy and cheap to work on if anything goes wrong. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

    Also, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on making older two-strokes a little quieter and more fuel efficient while not giving up much in performance. Group K built up a '97 GSX that got excellent fuel economy while being a lot faster than stock, I'm pretty sure almost all of the upgrades they did would work on the GTX and I'm curious if anyone else has done mods like that on the GSX or the STX. I think a quieter ski getting good fuel economy but still beating most of the other skis sounds like a cool thing, but maybe it's just me. Thanks again.

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    I posted the same question on the Kawi side just to be fair.

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    There is alot you can do with a GTX Just make sure you change out all those fuel lines , those gray fuel lines are no good . First post here too ! lol

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    Thanks for the reply. Have you ridden both skis, or a newer stx? And if so how do they compare for speed, handling in the waves etc?

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    I have ridden A Customers GTX and for a 3 seater is great but when it come to cutting the turns with the stock sponsons its horrible but for cruising is fine . I think that hull should do fine with the chop .

    Quick List of things you should check for on the GTX

    Wear Ring ( On pump)
    Seal carrier (on the Drive shaft )
    Fuel lines

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    Thanks for the advice, I can't wait to ride one.

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    You are welcome ..

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    Ive ridden both. I own an 1100 stx and to me they are very similar in speed and handling. well the 787 gtx and the 1100 kawasaki. the 951 gtx is fastest of all. The only difference to me is the seadoo is generally cheaper to fix but to me it would probably come down to how well it was taken care of and the condition it is in. one thing to look out for with the seadoo is the exhauste because the plugs rot on it. if you see even the smallest piece of corrosion on one of the plugs then you cna probably poke a screw driver right thought. i believe the 787 has 4 plugs and the 951 has 6

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    I have ridden both and owned multiple of each. Go with the seadoo over the kawi hands down. Go with the seadoo GTX 800 over the 951. Yes the 951 is faster with 130 hp over the 110 hp 800, but unless you want to wrench on it everyday the 951 is a ticking time bomb of a motor and a bear to work on. The 800 motor had wayyy less issues. The Seadoo rides way better then that kawi too. Those STX 1100's have the constant velocity carbs and NEVER start. You have to add a primer kit to make it start when it's cold. Those green GTX 800's were some of the best selling and well liked skis back in the day. Good luck with whatever you choose though.

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    Thanks to everyone for the replies. I'm leaning towards the SeaDoo, but it will probably depend on the condition of whatever I find in the end. Anyone have any ideas on making one of the older two-strokes quieter/more fuel efficient without killing perfermance? I know it's not sexy, but would really like my skis to be fairly quiet and not kill me at the pump.

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