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    Oil all over PV motor and exhaust. Gasket leak?

    So my 2000 xl800 that just went through the break in for the new top end is leaking oil all over the exhaust manifold. It is thick and when you reach on the underside your hand will be black. The powervalves are stuck and can not function back and forth (but they try). Is this an exhaust leak and are the 2 related

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    only way I see it being related is if something is going on with the shaft seal on the cylinder causing the shaft to bind. If you just cleaned them 15 hours ago, no matter how rich you are runngin the would be ok. have you disconnected the cables and the center coupler and tried to move each pv individually? do that and see how you make out

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    How did you install the coupler. Did you make sure you didn't have one PV valve up and the other down when linking the two together?
    Also when you bolted on the couplers how did you make sure everything is centered? There is a whole in the pulley wheel that you slide a pin or small screwdriver through that lines up with a whole on the cylinder case. Power up the ski for a sec turn it off to make sure the PV motor is where it should be. once it cycles make sure both valves are down then attach the cables. Keep the pulley pinned and take the slack out of the cables just make sure that the pv motor doesn't move. This should keep everything in sync. The exhaust manifold issue, the manifold and cylinder need to be very clean before reassembly. If you going to pull it off to re clean it again i would by another gasket, but thats just me. You may try CRC gasket seal too, that ma help ya.

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    my mechanic did the rebuild but Im gonna tell him this info cause hes gonna pull it apart and clean it again. Thanks alot

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