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    '94 Raider sponsons

    Are there any aftermarket sponsons for the '94 raider? It seems the small stock ones just aren't cutting it for me. I ride in San Diego Bay and Mission Bay and there is always intermittent choppy water. I also have a '97 Raider that I was making a comparison with. The '97 just handles better than the '94. I know the '97 is about 80 lbs heavier but I don't think that is really the difference. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) The noticeable difference I can see are the sponsons. Anyone ever swap the '94 sponsons with something else? They also mount differently.

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    Yes, stock 94' Raider sponson are a joke. If you find any Raider aftermarket sponsons, get em' while they last. Nobody is making new ones. I located a pair of Worx a year ago and that was all I could find new.

    The sponson swap on a 94' will improve the handling and cornering. Combined with a scoop grate, it really helped tame the squirrelly handling my 94' Raider in rough water. The sponson swap is a pain. The old sponsons are rivets you grind or chisel off. Next, you need to remove all of the styrofoam in that narrow space, using a heated putty knife. All this is done through the small seat storage area. 94 Raiders are rough fiberglass on the inside so wear long sleeves. Your hands will still take a beating from the hours of cramped work inside. I think I had to remove the waterbox too. You drill your own new holes and mount the aftermarket sponsons.

    I'm sure you can get some used stock sponsons from a 95-97 Raider but you still have to hassle with the work I listed above. If you do go that route, I have a set of brand new Yamaha mounting brackets for those sponsons.

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    Yah, thats another thing trying to get those things mounted. It would probably be easier to pull everything out of the '94 hull and swap to a later year hull.

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