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    Does anyone know how to make older two-strokes more fuel efficient/quieter?

    There is no shortage of information on how to make a jet ski faster, we all want faster skis, but there seems to be little information on how to make one more fuel efficient/quieter...without ruining performance. I mentioned in another post how Group K switched out 40mm carbs for 38's on a '97 SeaDoo GSX and got way better fuel efficiency without really hurting performance. For me it's not so much about the money as it is about always having to get gas (where my new STX sips gas). Also, the loudness of a two-stroke can be a little much when I'm trying to convince kayakers that I'm not a monster because I love jet skis, anyone have ideas on how to quiet one down, again, without killing performance.
    Thanks again for all your help.

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    I got an idea.
    Put a 4 stroke engine in it

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    If I had another $3K, I just might try (or would probably buy another 4-stroke). But the old two-strokes are so much cheaper to buy and fix and I like the idea of something being a little more modern.

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    First off why don't you tell us what you have, so we understand what motor and ski combo we are dealing with.

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    OK...I'm thinking of getting an older two-stroke, hopefully a 2001-05 GR800R. I'd look for 1300's but don't need to go that fast (I'm more interested in jumping in the surf) and like the fuel economy/range/cheapness to fix of the 800.

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