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    he who dies with the most toys....WIN!!!!!!!!!!
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    Angry Someone stole my 2 ski right out of my yard

    I know most of you who read this isn't local to me....but please just keep and ear and eye open for me......
    I live in tampa fl area
    two guys in a white truck ext cab short bed.....
    Someone saw them hook up and take them
    but couldn't get a plate number
    they did it in broad day light.......
    Well anyways if anyone hear anything please drop me a line....
    They won't try and sell locally....but might try to sell parts....
    Thanks for read this.......

    2001 polaris virage txi white with black shroud white bottom the red hand grips no decals on it

    2002 polaris virage tx red with grey shroud white bottom std decals

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    i hope you catch these scum that is awful.. good luck mate....

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    That sucks... Sounds as though they scoped it out for awhile if they stole your skis in broad daylight.

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    HATE is a strong word, and I say this with full conviction . .....I HATE THIEVES..... I hope you are able to retreive your property.

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    I have to say that based on my experience those skis are getting parted out and they most likely already have the engines out. They will retag the hulls if they are in good condition. They also may ship them off to the islands such as the Bahamas, or the Dominican Republic. They are worth double their value over there. You have the largest port in Florida right there. (If the Detective that catches your case is diligent he will notify Customs but they only check about two containers out of a hundred. But you may get lucky if they see them on a manifest.)

    I would keep an eye out on Ebay and Craig's List to see if you spot any parts that you can positively identify as yours. Even though it is not enough for an arrest, if you can hook up with the people selling them and the witnesses that saw them taking the skis can identify the seller as the person that took your skis then you will get an arrest and prosecution at that point. Even if the person selling the parts is not identified it gives the Detective that has your case a lead. Should you come across anything that you think is yours being sold by someone else or you think you see your skis, notify the investigating officer before approaching anyone. Even if you think you can handle it yourself you never know and you may just end up getting yourself in a jam in the process.

    Good Luck and I am sorry to hear these scumbags made you a victim. I was a Detective in the Auto Crimes Division for 14 years and I know it sucks. If you were in Jersey I would have been happy to help you out. Hopefully they are still in the back of the truck and a patrol team will make a stop. If they went straight to the Port before they were entered into the NCIC System it is unlikely you will see them again. You may have already been told all of this but some cops are lazy so I just thought I would give you the advice.

    Again, I wish you luck.

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    Hey, I agree with user:750Sl . It seems as if they did steal it in daylight they had to drive by and know about them. Bummer that happened man.
    Did you have any type of low-jack tracker on them?
    I am in The Ocala area and will keep an eye out for them or any one scraping that model.

    Ride Fast

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    Post up the HIN and engine serial numbers for both machines.

    If you know the EMM serial number, post that too.

    If you have the police report, take it to your Polaris dealer. They can flag the serial numbers on the Polaris service database. If any other dealer happens to work on one of these later on, they will see that they were reported stolen, and who the owner is.

    BTW, make sure it is YOU that is in the Polaris database as the current owner, with correct contact and address into. Take your proof of ownership with you to the dealer.

    Question: What physical security did you have for the trailer and PWC?

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    try checking out also, it basically covers but you don't have to search each area . good luck !

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