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    04 Yamaha Cruiser FX HO Steering play

    Hi All,

    I was wondering how much forward/aft play in the steering is acceptable! I mean push/pull direction! I have about I'd say 1/4" movement, don't notice it when riding but not sure if this is something to worry about. Ski has less than 60 hours of use!

    Thanks very much,

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    the fact that it is adjustable means you will always get some movement
    1/4" sounds ok to me, mine would have been that when new


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    My 07 has the same amount of play. My 04 has less. If it becomes greater it might be of concern. The Svc manual I think says no play in the steering. I have a 200+ hours on the 07 and 130hrs on the 04. the 04 is a salt water boat the 07 a fresh water mostly jet. They seem to be ok.


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    Thanks guy!
    I was reading the manual and it says there should not be any excessive play in that direction but it does not define what excessive is! Glad I checked with you guys! Thanks a million, Rez

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