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    To pump oil or not to pump oil...

    Let me begin by saying that I understand this topic has probably been beaten to death. I have spent countless hours searching and researching the issue on this froum, as well as every other PWC forum. For every argument that supports premix gas, there is one that opposes it. As it stands now, if I could find a NEW oil pump for my 95 SLT 750, I would probably just replace the almost sixteen year old pump that is on the ski now. However, the best that I can locate is another sixteen year old used pump, which I already have.

    I come to you now to determine the BEST course of action, as I know this resource is by far the most reliable and informed I have encountered.

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    If you REALLY want the ultimate in reliable oil delivery, premix is where to go. Only issue is ensuring the proper jetting once you switch over to premix. If you feel you can jet it right, and easily measure the correct oil every time you fill up, go for it...

    The oil pumps are known to be very reliable, usually its some sort of hose related failure that takes it down. A hose falls off, breaks, has been rubbing against something for a decade and now has a hole... Lots of people recommend simply replacing all the lines, and then bleeding and priming the pump. I prefer this method, since its WAY easier.

    Ride More, Worry Less...

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    Pre-mix is always reliable until you forget just 1 time to put it in or thought you did already. then your done in the first 2 mins or less.

    Or if you put in the wrong ratio.

    Oil pumps can be loose or leak or be weak, the lines can fall off or be forgotten to be put back on after rebuild of carbs, loose clamps, or incorrect installation. they are hard to see when the carb plate is on.

    there are 9 places where it can leak or fall off. oil tank exit, oil intake, intake on the pump, the 3 outlets and the 3 other conecctions to the carbs. even the threaded fittings in the carbs can get loose too.

    not to mention internally with the gear in there that spins. if that breaks, all hell will ensue in the crankcase at 8000 rpms.

    My SLX will use the pre-mix and the Pro gets the Pre-mix in the gas.. I cant forget,, 14.00/qt? lol If I dont spend 45.00 on gas n oil, I know somethings

    I ran the stock lines and pump and clamps for years with zero problems. on my SLT 750 but,,,, depending on eviromental factors, that could change quickly.
    although the pumps are reliable with fail safe built in. premix is absolutely the sure fire way of knowing your getting oil to the metal/ in the oil pump your just hoping it is.. up to you..

    Oil wont get clogged by a piece of debris in the tank of oil if your using pre-mix...

    Premix will smoke more too at idle. Your basically running a rich enough mixture to run wot with (40/1). With a variable pump on it, the pumps outlet volume changes from 100/1 idle. 50/1 partial throttle and 40.1 at WOT.

    Remember, its not age of the pump, its the hours of use on it and how well the owner tended to his oil tank and lines to it.. no debris in it , cleaned out periodically, flushed, ete... 16 years on a pump that had 34 hours on it, is not much when they could go 200 or more. iv'e heard up to 400 hours. JMO

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    I have always used the machines oil delivery system. My last 750 SL went 1,000+ hours and never had a problem. My current machines have oil delivery systems intact, and so far haven't had any trouble. It always seemed like more of a hassle to pre-mix, and then you have times where you ride for an hour or two and still have 1/3 of a tank of gas, and get to bust out the TI-89 (scientific calculator)to figure the correct ratio's for the next ride. Not a big deal until you forget to do it as bowsniper mentioned.

    My recommendation: Leave it, and go enjoy the ride. If you ever see oil in the bilge inspect it, find it, and fix it.

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