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    50:1 Premix ratio!!

    The jet ski has been converted to Premix and been using 50:1 ratio. Is that ratio too high for a 780SL? What do you guys usually run?

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    I use 40:1

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    How about 32:1 is that too much of oil for these fuji engine??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Actros617 View Post
    How about 32:1 is that too much of oil for these Fuji engine??
    32:1 would be the normally recommended fuel: oil ratio during top end break-in.

    40:1 is the common fuel: oil pre-mix ratio for normal recreational operation.

    Are you using a high quality 2-stroke oil?

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    I'm using quicksilver PWC, the oil color is purple see pic, i made a mistake i'm using 32:1 ratio

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    ... ratio help??

    Hey guys, i have a 2 stroke polaris x45, the old owner removed oil pump yada yada yada.... n e who, i was told you run it at 50:1, you guys been the experts, what should i run it at?? could this also b why when at high revs it starts to missfire

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    BTW!!! i use Litres not Gallons!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Doesn't matter what units

    It is a ratio and doesn't matter, as long as the oil is in the same units as the gas.

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