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Thread: SHO Twin Prop

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    SHO Twin Prop

    Has anyone tried the new Twin Prop for the Yamaha's?

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    SKAT Twin Prop 4 YAMAHA

    So no one has tried it yet!?! I guess I will have be the first end usr guinea pig. I wanted to know because I tring to decide if I should use my GTX Ltd 07 Seadoo or my buddies Yamaha SHO 08 to set a new distance record in Bermuda. The course is out to a marine beacon called North Rock 11 miles offshore. I plan to do two laps (44 miles). The blurb with the YAMAHA twin prop said is was good for offshore riding. There will be other mods carried out on which ever ski I use. the twin prop was an incentive to use the yamaha SHO.

    Any one with any comments?
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    I would bet a running SHO motor with an upgraded bottom end that plenty of folks have tried and used this prop. We just are not privy to details in most cases.

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    I have it on my FZR (see my sig).

    I have not had the chance to test fully in good conditions for top end, but the hole shot and mid range are outstanding, no single prop can come close. I suspect I will lose maybe one MPH (at full tank and not great conditions, already hit 78 gps) but the performance for low to midrange far out weighs the top end speed. It is for modded boats, but if you have one, I would highly recommended it. Plus, I am seeing RPMs at 8640-8660.

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    Has anyone tried the new Twin Prop for the Yamaha's?

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    Thanks for the feed back. I will let you know how I make out.

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