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    02 virage i New to me with some problems

    Newbe needs help thanks to all in advance

    Ok I am a marine mechanic for I/O and outboards and these skis are new to me and I have an issue with my 2002 polaris virage i.

    I bought it knowing that it has not been used in 5 years,I was told it quit while running and they took it to a shop and they said it will be $1400.00 to fix it.

    So I got it home and removed the old fuel and installed a new battery.While messing around I found that the oil pump arm was stuck in the full open position and removed the plugs and the engine was full of oil (it may be a good thing since it sat so long). Both cylinders have 190.I removed the oil pump and freed it up now works great.I can crank the engine and when it feels like it ,it will start for just a second and then quit. Then after that it will crank like a half turn then quit,I wos wanting to know if maybe the engine block is full of oil? If so is there a hose or drain plug to see if there is oil in the crankcase I am thinking that there is so much oil in there that it is not cranking right?

    As of right now it has everything to start fuel,spark, compression

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    Pull the jet pump to see if its binding.

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    When I first go to start it it cranks like crazy,then when it does start for the split second and quits ,thats when it will only crank like a half turn.But let it sit for about 20 minutes it will crank again till it starts.I did remove the starter motor and rebuilt it.

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    When it stops cranking are the cylinders filled with oil? Sounds like your oil pump may be freed up but may be gravity draining in to the engine. When it stops cranking like you said, pull the plugs and crank it and if oil shoots out all over the place then you will know the answer to that. Just my opinion, but sounds like its getting fluid locked. Then, 15-20 minutes later, the oil is back in the block and thats why it will crank again. Do you see your oil tank level dropping a lot when you are doing this?

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    I did check that and when it happened the plugs did have oil on them but not so much that it shound not crank over.I was thinking about trying to pinch off the oil line to see if it will start and run.There is enough oil in the engine to run it with no damage for a minute.

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    I would not advise you to pinch off the oil line and try to run the engine. I think you are missing what I am saying. If it sucks up that much oil in the cylinder, it will not crank over. You can compress oil unlike water but if it has enough in the cylinder, it would not turn all the way over. Imagine pouring oil down the spark plug hole and filling up the cylinder then trying to crank it. In that case, it would not make it all the way around before it compressed the oil as much as possible then coming to a stop. This is just my opinion and I might be wrong but the engine is not runnig long enough to cause friction on another part to stop it from turing over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackofalltrades View Post
    ...You can compress oil unlike water but if it has enough in the cylinder, it would not turn all the way over...
    Welcome to the Hulk Anchor

    This is a 2-stroke engine. It should NOT have any significant amount of liquid oil in the crank case.

    Unlike a 4-stroke engine with quarts of liquid oil in the crank case, a normally operating 2-stroke engine has merely a thin coating of oil down there, not a pool of liquid.

    Oil (like all liquids) does not compress. If you get liquid oil accumulating in the crank case it will get pumped into the combustion chamber when the engine spins. When the piston attempts to compress that oil the piston will immediately stop moving, since oil does not compress. This is called hydraulic lock, and it can cause severe engine damage. The sudden stop can crack the piston or bend/break the connecting rod, and possibly twist the crank shaft out of index.

    Remove all spark plugs. Lay a cloth over the cylinder head (to catch any spray) and crank the engine. If oil spews out, then there is excess oil in the engine.

    There are crank case drain plugs down low on the side of the engine. They can be hard to get to.

    The alternative is to keep the battery well charged, and keep cranking in short intervals until the oil stops coming out. Don't over heat the starter motor. Maximum 20 seconds cranking at a time, and let it cool down between cranks.

    Once you get the excess oil out, you can try starting it with the spark plugs installed. Put the drain plugs back in first, of course

    The excess oil may not be the only problem the engine has. The excess oil in the crank case will NOT be the reason the engine stopped suddenly for the previous owner. That oil may have dribbled into the engine through the oil pump while it was sitting (which isn't supposed to happen) OR someone decided to 'protect' the engine by filling it with oil.

    In addition, you now have the possibility of hydraulic lock (hydro-lock) damage.

    Your engine has Ficht direct fuel injection. The diagnostics are quite different than for the carburetor engines. Not harder, just different.

    You can finds lots of useful information through my signature links. Click below and start reading.

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    I learn something new everyday I always knew water couldn't but somehow thought oil could. At least we were thinking the same thing in terms of why it wouldnt crank over Cheers.

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