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    Why are stable hulls considered a positive?

    Every time I read a review on a ski I always notice that some reviewers are gushing about how stable a ski is. Why is this such a good thing? Assuming that most of us can walk and chew gum at the same time, it's really not that hard to sit on a ski and not fall off. Am I missing something or are the reviewers talking about something else? What is so bad about a narrow unstable ski?

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    It is most people are simply tens and cant balance on a ski. Have you ever watch the people that rent them at the resort. pretty funny sometimes. That what I think.

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    Well, you have to understand, most PWC buyers these days are well into their 40's and have kids/family. They like family outings, pulling tubes, etc. That's why the big sellers are 3 seater models, and that's why people want more stability. In Florida if you want to tow a tube you have to have a spotter on the back watching the tube. I usually ride alone, so it's not a huge factor for me; but if you've ever had two or three up on a smaller PWC in the chop you will understand; especially if they are adults or big teens.

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