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    Hello, I am new to this site, and it seems awsome! I live on a lake in Mass and have 2 skis and a boat. I have a 99 GSXL and a 2001 RX, or should i say my kids have 2 skis and i own the gas tanks in them. LOL I have a ton of spare seadoo parts that i stock from past machines my kids blew up, so i started buy bad seadoos for the parts. My daughter blew up a 97 xp and a 97 gtx this year and a 97.5 gsxl last year. Thank god i love her or i would kill her! How do i post a pic for my name? Am i the only one who stocks carbs, cases, jet pumps, cylinders, heads and pistons just in case? I had so many parts i started selling some on ebay and i help pay for my crazy kids!

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    welcome to GH and it is time to get that daughter a 4stoke my recommendition is a 155hp 4-tec they just do not have problems my 155 has almost 300 hrs with just reg. maint. my 215hp has 280hrs and many mods and both are riden hard good luck

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    Welsome, couple of comments i wanna make..
    1) get her a 4 tec
    2) make the kids pay for repairs/ parents made me buy my own toys and fix them when i did something stupid...i learned very quickly that i need to be careful (but still have fun), it teaches them responsibility. Sounds like the daughter just doesnt care if she breaks it because daddy will pay to have it fixed...
    3) no your not the only one who stocks parts. Much to my parents chagrin (moving into a new house in may, untill then in an appt with the wifey, so my parts are stored at their house) i have tons of spare parts stored for my various toys, mostly stuff i would break on a regular basis or stuff that tended to wear out quickly.

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    if you are blowing up stock skis, then I would really start thinking about getting rid of the 2 strokes, they are not the type you just slap together and add gas.

    Get your kids a pair or just a single 4 stroke GTI this will be the best bang for your buck, you want to stay away from the supercharged skis specially when letting young ones ride.

    Stock up on wear rings, spark plugs and oil filters. This is the only thing you will need to keep them going, these 4tecs are bullet proof.

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