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    Question 04 gtx SC - Need to sell - But how much? - And how? It's fall!

    I've got a very nice 04 gtx SC with only 83-84 hrs on it. No issues at all. Little to no wear anywhere on the bike. Seat cover is starting to split a little. Comes with a 1 year old haulrite trailer that has no issues, a spare tire, and a brand new seadoo cover.

    I need to sell it so I can start putting money away on a house. But it's the end of the season and no one is buying them right now.

    I don't really know what to ask for it or have any idea on how to sell it for that matter because of the time of year.

    Can I get some help here fellas?



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    Tim, if you could, wait until the spring/summer, what I would do if I was you, do all the needed maintenance and get it ready for the buyer.
    I would not recommend changing the spark plugs now, cause once you get ready to run it on the spring the plugs will be no good. Replace the seat cover, make the ski look nice because this is what it is going to sell it! the looks will attract a buyer.

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    People do buy end of season, i for one waited specifically to the end of the season so the deals would be better, there are people out there looking. I would definantly replace the cover, people are gonna see that and wonder what else is wrong with the ski, also give it a good cleaning and polishing. List it on craigslist, ebay, local papers, pretty much anywhere you can. I probibly wouldnt leave it on the street, you will get a lot of tire kickers, and may risk someone casing the place to steal it.

    as far as price...that depends a lot on where you are, if you live in an area with a lot of people who sell skis, then your price is gonna be lower becasue you will have competition, i paid 4500 for each of my 04 rxp's, one with 49hrs, one with 57...and that was 2 months ago

    again where are you located? my dad may be looking for one, lol.

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    You can try E-bay or Craigs list for now...Once you get your post count up you will be able to post it in the classifieds

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