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    Really Really lean with Powershot?

    I was running the Riva B1 wheel and no Powershot and it ran great. I didn't have a wideband hooked up but it felt like it was making good power and it didn't blow up.
    I ran a best of 79.2.
    I put the E1 wheel on it with a Powershot (stock settings) and it pulled much harder but really laid down up top. You could just feel it go flat. I lifted pretty quick and didn't push it until I figured out what was up.
    I hooked up an LM1 wideband today and watched it go to 15:1 at WOT
    I adjusted the cruise portion down a notch because it wnt down to 11:1 just off idle. I cleaned it up to mid 13s.
    I played with the red (WOT) setting and ended up all the way at 10.
    It's still at 14+ :1
    I'm definately putting in a boost referenced FPR this week, but doesn't this sound abnormally lean for my setup?

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    I think normal to get that lean,without increase Fuel Pressure.

    Any how so great number on B1 wheel.

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    With these big wheels (E1 etc) you really need to do several things to get enough fuel to the motor. The Powershot by itself doesn't cut it. With the R&D R3 reflash it is my uinderstanding this situation is improved.

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