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    How to winterize RXP-X (with the extrenal intercooler)

    Hey guys......I have a 2009 RXP-X and i'm just starting to think about winterizing it for the winter. My question is, as far as anti-freeze goes is it any different then when i had my '07 RXP? I know the RXP-X has an external intercooler and i wasn't sure if i need to do something different with that as far as anti-freeze goes? Is Plumbers anti-freeze Ok to use in them? Anything else in the winterizing process that i need to do different then i did on my '07?


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    From everything I've read in the shop manual, there is no need to use antifreeze. The procedure calls for blowing out the system with 100 psi of pressurized air untill no more water drains from the pump. It also calls for removing the IC air hose from the throttle body "placing it to the side" and reving the engine to 4000 rpms several times to force out any water. Lubricate the TB and reconnect. I guess they figure the air blows enough out of the exhaust manifold and IC to eliminate the need for antifreeze.
    Now before the name calling begins, I'm just relaying what the 2008 shop manual, and 2009 winterization bulletin calls out.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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    You are correct, thats what Doo says. I still fill the I/C with antifreeze,(water side, NOT the air side) and run it through the exhaust manifold after I blow the system out.

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