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Thread: turbo problems

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    turbo problems

    I have an annoying problem with my turbo,if i wot for say 15 secs it will f1 and go into limp mode,also sometimes the turbo wont kick in but if i let the ski idle for 30s or so it will kick in no probs.Ihave fitted a new wastegate solenoid and the actuator lever moves freely no sticking etc.All the hoses are fine no splits and the small injector or pill is clear.

    can someone tell me is the wastegate open or shut at idle and how it works as im getting confused also does it overboost because the wastegate is being held open.

    thanks stevie w

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    Wastegate is closed at idle in order to build boost. The Wastegate solenoid then dithers open and shut to control max boost via the Wastegate itself.

    Once you reach max boost the wastegate will fully open to try and bring boost back to normal (11-13PSI)

    Your ski sounds like the wastegate is manually sticking due to corrosion. Remove the turbo and clean it.


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    cheers for that

    Thanks again Shawn your help on this forum is well appreciated i will try stripping turbo tomorrow thanks again.

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