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    SHO Instant 2-3mph for free (Some What)

    Check this out:
    1. Removed the foam from the outside of the rightside of hull vent
    2. Removed the air box
    3. Installed a catch can (Filter type) for the head vent
    4. Blocked crankcase vent/intake connection with a bicycle bar end plug (like a racer)
    5. Fitted the rightside hull vent hose over the intake hose and...
    6. Wala!!...instant outright noticeable increase in speed and and take off
    The really cool thing is the sound of the intake is so intimidating and powerfull. I will take some video so you all can see and hear it. And chech this THE RPM NEEDLE FLYS RIGHT UP TO 8000+ RPM!!

    BUT...(the some what bit)
    My concern is with the possible lack of air flow through the hull/engine bay. Previously the engine was most likely drawing in freash cooler air to remove any heat or gases (no matter how little).

    THE PLAN...
    I have marine 12v exhuast fan that I will hook up. It will be fitted to the underside of a second hand rear seat shell. It will connect to a hose that will be fitted to a hole in the seat shell. Eventually I will re-coverd with a hole in the middle for the exhaust hole.

    Next will be a new Jet Draft Intercooler, thru hull exhaust "Bermuda Style" (No water box)!!!

    What you all think of the intake hook up? Is this an old mod?


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    so am i right in thinking the corrugated vent hose from the right side of your hull is now straight into your supercharger????.

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    i will get all the rest i need when im dead corkycat's Avatar
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    the the crankcase breather..... you have blocked this up so it cant vent??? am i reading that right???

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    Quote Originally Posted by corkycat View Post
    the the crankcase breather..... you have blocked this up so it cant vent??? am i reading that right???
    blocked the vent in the air filter hose and put a filter on the head exit of the vent

    the way i read it ?


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    Here is what I have done. I am waiting for the video to be authorized on Youtube then I will post the link.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    The first clip is demoing the sound of the intake with the side panel in place. Sounds like a jet fighter!
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    So i was right in my thinking your hull intake from the side covers where you remove the foam is straight into the supercharger??? are you not worried about sucking in water???.

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    Yes water ingress is an issue. I will be fitting a filter to prevent water and salt water mist from entering the engine. I am just still amazed at the difference this mod made from take off to flat out. I was looking at the K&N filter options on "jegs". By the way did you check out the video? One of the vids shows the fuel flow rate while the throttle is open.

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    That stock plastic vent hose you have hooked up to the intake collapses once you get into boost. Just an FYI.

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    Thanks for that note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone check out the vid? I am very curious to what you all think about numbers shown on the display. Thanks for your advice

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