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    Polaris slx 780 fuel pump check valves...

    Well. Finally got the new fuel pump rebuild kits. Used two cycle oil and the allen wrenches with the little balls. Managed to damage 5 of the 6 check valves in the two kits. Anyone know where i can order just the little rubber valves ? Anyone have any tricks to getting these damn things in without damaging.

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    Seriously???? Even with my oil and allen wrench tips???

    You're using the biggest allen that will fit into the grommet easily, right?

    Maybe warm the grommets up to make them more pliable. Not too much that it distorts the plastic check valve.

    I personally prefer the genuine Mikuni rebuild kit, but you can try the Winderosa kit listed on Ebay for a little cheaper. Doubt you'll find the check valves and grommets only. But you can look at places like

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    What about putting the grommets in the freezer to shrink them a little?

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